ISSN: 2249 - 0213

     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

A New Plan for King Khalid University (KKU) Central Library to Revitalise Academic E-Resource-Sharing

An electronic library is a source of software systems used by educational institutions to keep track of digital resources such as electronic books, journals, databases, and magazines. New models of digital libraries are necessary for sharing resources based on users’ perspectives in open access mode. The role of academic research is increasingly emphasised in assessing the level of universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with the role of a university library as the heart of educational development activity. Millions of dollars have been spent on building effective digital libraries in Saudi universities. The existing system indicates that potential users may not use them to their full potential. This study contributes to understanding user acceptance of digital libraries by establishing and exploiting virtual environment technology in King Khalid University (KKU) Central Library. The proposed system consists of material from a variety of libraries, organised in a virtual environment using computers and computer networks. In addition, implementing digital libraries in virtual environments, based on the users’ perspectives, is a new idea. Implementing the proposed system shows several useful attributes such as usage levels, relevance of information, and usability.

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