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A case study on awareness of Digital Information Literacy skills among students of Royal Global University Guwahati, Assam

The main purpose of this study is to find the awareness of digital information literacy skills among the students of Royal Global University, Guwahati. In today’s digital society it is very much essential to have good skills to procure information as the maximum number of information sources are available in digital format. Students should know how to access or use information. Many new generation students are very much self-confident about their information skills but it is also observed that they are not always capable to evaluate the authenticity of that information. The study examines the literacy level to search, locate and use digital information. The present study also helps us to know the IT skills of the students. A structured questionnaire was prepared and personally distributed among 100 respondents. Most of them are aware of digital information literacy. For better use of digital resources, almost all the respondents stress that they require training.

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