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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Access and Use of Electronic Resources in Addressing National Issues: Education

The influx of information and communication technologies (ITCs) into library has changed the roles and responsibilities of librarians, the methods of accessing information, usage of information resources and as well the format of information resources. Information resources are either in print or electronic format or both in print and electronic format. In this article the authors demonstrated that, increased access and used of e-resources have significantly addressed the standard of education worldwide. Specifically, the paper discussed the concept of e-resources and usefulness to education, some advantages and disadvantages of e-resources, and access and use of online resources in addressing the entire education sector. Also discussed in the paper is the control of access to online resources through ID login and password, IP authentication and licensing policies. The discussion demonstrated that, the management of online resources is fundamental to their access and use among users. The paper concluded that online resources are widely accepted because of their enormous merits over the print. In spite of their acceptance, users of the resources are still faces with several challenges to access and use the resources.

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