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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

An Analytical Study of Library and Information Science Repositories with Particular Reference to DOAR

Organizations preserve their intellectual content in the form of repository so they can access by across the world. This paper presents the analytic study of repositories of library and information science. All the repositories are accessed through Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR) database. Total 2600 repositories are listed in DOAR database, in which the number of library and information science repository are 117. In this study repositories are analysed on various parameter such as countrywise distribution, Contientwise distribution, Language wise, types of repositories, Maximum number of records etc and found that Contient Europe hosted 45% repository and Central America have no repository. Country UK have highest 14% repository and more than 55% repositories are in English language as well as more than 35% institution use Dspace software for making repository.

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