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An Analytical Survey on the Stance of DSpace Digital Library Software Clients in India

The magnitude of global resources for information is unfathomable, in the form of digital libraries, world wide web, institutional repositories etc., and in the contemprary set-up, the tools for accessing the information data base are also meticulously inestimable. DSpace is one of such innovative tool for accessing data bases. The present study was conducted to investigate the utility of DSpace application in digital library as a means to improve document organization and retrieval of scholastic materials. The study also investigates: The popular DSpace versions among the responders, the preference of DSpace User interfaces and Operating platforms among the responders, the priority of Relational database and Integrations / customizations among the responder groups, the importance given by responders for DSpace in Use cases, type of Content and types of files accessed and the Overall Satisfaction of responders pertaining to usage of database in digital libraries.
A questionnaire with 10 indices has been presented to responders who were categorized into 3 groups’ viz., Academic Institutions, Research Centers and Government organizations for their response. The data collected from the questionnaire was tabulated and analyzed to test and fulfill the stated objectives, using Stratified Random Sampling Technique. For this purpose Unscramble software package was utilized. Analysis of data reveals that majority of responders (24.59%) were accessing DSpace 1.5x version and among all the responders, Academic institutions were highest (18.03%) in accessing 1.5x version. Regarding the platform for accessing, a greater proportion of responders (62.30%) were using MS Windows as an accessing platform and among the responders, Academic Institutions opted highest (50.82%) in using MS Windows as a platform for accessing.
Pertaining to Integrations/ customizations of DSpace, Creative Common Open URL and Dublin Core Meta Tool Kit were highest (31.15%) and within the responders, Academic Institutions attribute the highest (13.11%), with regard to Dublin Core Meta Tool Kit and Research Centers attribute the highest (13.11%) with regard to Creative Common Open URL. Institutional repository ascribed to the highest (70.49%) for Use Cases and among the responders, Academic Institutions attributed the highest (50.82%). With regard to the type of files accessed, Text documents were highest (68.85%) in accessing and as expected, Academic Institutions were highest (52.46%) to access text documents within the responders. Majority of responders (80.33%) opined DSpace as a good accessing tool and among the responders; Academic Institutions were highest (62.30%) in expressing DSpace as a good tool for access.

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