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An Emperical Study of Strategic Approach to Marketing and Promotion of Information Products and Services in Nigeria University Libraries

The purpose of this study is to investigate the strategic approach in marketing and promoting information products and services in Nigerian University libraries. The findings shows that majority of the university libraries used does not showcase their nonreference products and services .Some of these non-reference services are not readily available and where they are available they were underutilized. Whereas reference products and services such as indexing and abstracting, internet web visitation, photocopy services were readily available in most the used university libraries for marketing. It also emerged from the findings that words of mouth and the use of internet web, were widely acceptable and used for promotional strategies for marketing information products and services in almost all the used University libraries. Giving user’s interest priority in the library, good communication channels, checking regularly level of user satisfaction were some of the strategic approaches to marketing information products. Based on these findings, the researcher thereby suggested necessary recommendations.

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