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Analysis of Knowledge Management output in Web of Science during 2007 to 2016

Knowledge management refers to the process of creating, storing, sharing, and effective use of organizational knowledge and thus helps to achieve organizational objectives and Web of Science is a premier research platform, helping to find, analyze, and share information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The present study discusses the “Knowledge Management” as reflected in Web of Science for the period from 2007–2016. The present paper investigates to find out the top contributing institutions, most prolific authors, the preferred sources for publications, by Geographical distribution by country, Subject area, Source Type, Affiliation, and Language etc. The result indicates that there were total 6084 documents on Knowledge Management during 2007 to 2016. According to geographical distribution of documents; USA tops the list with 1204 documents and India published 130 documents with rank 15th position.

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