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Applicability of Lotka’s Law and Authorship pattern in the field of Mathematical Science Research: A Scientometric Study

This paper depicts an authorship pattern of Indian research productivity in the web of science database during 1999-2014. The data downloaded from indexed SCI expanded in the web of Science database by the publisher of Thomson Reuters, and the software application is used for the analysis called Histcite software. It is also studied by applying the application of Lotka’s Law method and degree of collaboration of authorship pattern. The data reveals that the totally 16,316 records with 38,104 authors are available across the globe in this studied. The study found that the multiple authors are high percentage i.e 82.7% and predominant to single authorship. The degree of the collaboration average number of the mean value is 0.93%. The study reveals that the highest number of contribution and also the Institutional Affiliation from Indian research productivity with co-authorship, TGLCS and H-index value.

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