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Applications of Web 2.0 tools in IIT Libraries in India: a Study

Web 2.0 is a second generation website that deals with the ability, of people being able to exchange information online. Web 2.0 based technologies have provided more opportunities and opened up new ways of communicating and collaborating. The transition to Web 2.0 is based on ‘interactive’ use of web. Users can carry on interaction with others. People can collaborate on the same document at fairly much at the same time. Users can post thoughts and creative expressions, and there are places for other to leave comments. Web 2.0 has created a platform for increasing interpersonal content facilitation, sharing, creativity, service delivery, innovation, and collaboration. Organizations have been taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies in many ways- by providing a better communication channel for all stakeholders for sharing their experiences & collaborative working and introducing innovative way of marketing products and services etc. Web 2.0 technologies have played a significant role in our ability to keep up with the changing needs of library users.
This article focuses on the impact of web 2.0 on libraries and information services of IIT Libraries in India. Also discussed the Web 2.0 tools used by IIT libraries for providing library 2.0 services to their users.

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