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Attitude of Professional Librarians towards the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In Delta State University Library

The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) and related technologies during the last few decades has made significant impact in transforming many aspects of library administration in general and librarian attitude in particular. Basically, the changes in ICT provide both opportunities and threats to librarians in university libraries. Hence Professional Librarians expected to embrace ICT have reacted in a variety of ways to the introduction of ICT which should, by this stage, be transforming librarian attitudes and library services in general. This survey study examined the attitude of professional librarians to the use of ICT in Delta State university library. It present and analyses survey data on competence levels in a range of ICT skills required, ICT facilities mostly used, choice of scholarly publication and level of anxiety and enthusiasm professional librarians had toward the use of ICT in their library.

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