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Attitude of Students towards Information Technology and Science Education

Information technology (ICT) has connected the world including students throughout world and it has become the central drive for the evolution of a modern society. The Information and communication technology has witnessed a fast growth and has changed traditional form of libraries to digital form. At present throughout world, the most popular source of information is the internet and e-resources. In the present study, conducted in Kashmir valley of J&K State, quantitative approach with survey design was used. The survey included 400 students selected at random from different educational institutions of the Kashmir valley. To examine attitude of students towards Information Technology and science education, a well-designed questionnaire was used for the collection of data and the data collected was analyzed using SPSS software. The results of the study, revealed that number of internet users increase continuously. Statistically, nonsignificant difference was observed between male and female respondents towards the use of e-resources for learning and entertainment purpose. The study further, revealed that students both males and females were of the opinion that knowledge of IT is very important for science education. Finally, problems faced by students related to use of e-resources were discussed.

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