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Availability and Uses of ICT Facilities among Students in Faculty of Social Science, Madonna University, Okija

The research work is on availability and uses of ICTs facilities among students in
Faculty of Social Science Madonna University, Okija. The research was conducted due to
high rate of illiteracy levels of students in using ICTs facilities in Madonna University, Okija
campus. Finding shows that many of students learned how to use computer and other ICT
facilities from home, because the school management is against any social activities with the
Internet. Another findings show that ICT facilities can help students to do assignment,
research, meet friends, and involves other social activities in academic environment or
community. But they are deprived. Descriptive survey was used, the populations of the study
are faculty of social science students which amount to seven hundred and fifty-seven in all the
eight departments but four departments were selected randomly for the study through lucky
dip. Questionnaire was source of information for this study The four department’s population
is three hundred ninety-nine (399) students, but only two hundred ninety- nine questionnaire
were returned (299) due to time factors inside of the students. The research was conducted
during 2012/2013 second semester examination period, thus, that makes many of the students
refused to fill necessary information. The data was analyzed using simple percentage table
count. According to the findings, lead the researchers to made some recommendations for
the school management about the needs of ICT usage among students in the 21st century.

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