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Awareness and Use of Online Databases and E-journals by Medical Science Students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

This study investigates the awareness and use of online databases and e-journals by medical science students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The study adopted survey design and questionnaire was used as tool for data gathering. The study population was comprised of two-hundred (200) undergraduate medical students who were purposely chosen as sample of the study. The data collected were analyzed using frequency distribution, simple percentages, and charts. The findings show that the students were largely aware of the availability of online databases and e-journals which were mostly used for the purpose of study and research work. The study also revealed that majority of the respondents were using PUBMED more than other available e-journal resources. It is interesting to also note that majority of the respondent indicated a fairly high level of familiarity with search options for accessing online database and e-journals.

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