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Bibliometric Analysis of Doctoral Dissertations in Political Science: A Study of the University of Burdwan

The present study is based on 7711 citations, appended in the 56 PhD theses of Political Science submitted to the University of Burdwan during the period from 1986- 2015. The purpose of this study is to examine decade-wise distribution of form of literature cited, rank list of core journals, authorship pattern, authorship collaboration and degree of collaboration of the citations in Political Science. In preliminary stage, all the informations have been collected from the research section of Burdwan University and Shodhganga ( has also been consulted for accuracy of results. Finally, all the data have been analyzed against pre-defined parameters using dBaseIII plus programme. The study revealed that highest number of theses (23) were submitted from 2006-2015. It was also found that Books were the most cited sources accounting for 51.91% of total citations used followed by journals with 28.36% citations. The journal ‘EPW’ has ranked the first place with 307 (14.031%) citations. It has taken 16 years to cover ‘half life period’ of Political Science literatures when age of references are concerned. It is also found that majority of citations have been by single author (93.68%) followed by two authors with 3.84%.

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