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Bibliometric Analysis of Research Productivity of Top Ten Universities of Odisha in Indian Journals

The paper examines various pattern of the articles published in the Indian journals of top ten Universities of odisha for the period of 2004 to 2016 and expose the results for the publications through bibliometric analysis. The paper represents the bibliometric analysis of the journal in order to evaluate the growth pattern of research productivity published in Indian journals. It explains and presents an analysis of 1858 research papers published in the Top ten universities of Odisha downloaded from Scopus online database. The study aims to analyzing research output cover mainly the number of articles, authorship pattern, subject -wise distribution of articles, average number of references per articles, forms of documents cited, year wise distribution of cited journals etc. All the studies point towards the merits and weakness of the journal which will be helpful for its further development of Indian journals research output. The prediction of the authors gives a contribution to the area of LIS research by assisting the researchers, librarians and professionals as a whole.

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