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Challenges of Records Management Practices in the Ministry Of Information and Strategy, Lagos State, Nigeria

Records management is more than generation of records and storing them. More challenging activities are involved, especially, in the ministries were bulky records are created each day. The research looked at the record management practices of the Ministry of Information and Strategy, Lagos, Nigeria and the challenges it faces in administering its public record generation and disposal services and how the services affect the Ministry’s decision making. Total enumeration method was used on the 37 employees of the Ministry. Data was collected through questionnaire and 35 of the respondents’ filed the questionnaire. It was analysed using SSPS analytical package and reported in discrete figures, percentages; and two hypotheses were tested using Chi Square at 0.05 degree of significance. Among the findings are that effective implementation of records management practices positively enhances organisational performance and that proper records management practice positively brings about easy decision making in the organization. It is recommended that the Ministry should have a records retention schedule and that the workers should be given training on electronic record keeping.

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