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Collaboration of Public Libraries and Literacy Programmes to Uplift the Economic Well Being and Rural Development of Tribals of Odisha

This paper includes various aspects relating to collaboration of public libraries with literacy programmes to uplift the economic well-being and rural development of Tribal’s of Odisha. The scope of the present investigation has been confined to the scheduled areas of South Orissa viz Koraput, Kalahandi, Kandhamal and Ganjam districts. In Orissa, majority of tribals, called .Adivasis live in these four districts of South Orissa. To uplift their economic well being and rural development, a collaboration of public libraries and literacy programmes arc essential. The sample size of this study has included all the librarians of District Public Libraries, Libraries run by the Public bodies, NGO’s and other Private and Public Organizations of these tribal districts. The data were collected through questionnaires from 153 samples from all the four districts have been taken into consideration by random sampling. The data collected were properly analysed with different statistical tools and at the end findings, suggestions have been incorporated.

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