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Consortia Model of Accessing E Resources among Higher Education Institutions in India

The Higher Education system of India has tremendously transformed into a high quality affordable educational system over the past two decades. It ensures universal access to low-cost high-quality university education for students of all levels. A student-centric learning-driven model of education with well-planned expansion, India has not only bettered its enrollment numbers but has dramatically enhanced its learning outcomes at higher education level. A differentiated three-tiered university system comprising highly selective elite research universities, comprehensive universities and specialised institutions and an array of highly accessible and high-quality colleges has enabled institutions to build on their strengths and cater across different categories of educational needs. Hassel free access to e resources to academic libraries in the higher education system through consortia has come a long way. The steps were taken by Ministry of Human Resource Development, the government of India in this concern are praiseworthy. The present study concerns about how the major consortia activities in India with special reference to UGC INFONET, INDEST and NLIST consortia and how they have been merged to form a single entity named e-ShodhSindhu, Consortia for Higher Education e resources which is appreciable and will definitely strengthen higher education system in India with free and or highly subsidized access to scholarly E-resources to help educational institutions in fulfil their mission in to reality.

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