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Contributions of Publications of Indian Institute of Management in Ranking Institutions in National Institutional Ranking Framework: A Study

This paper examines the publications of Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), which have been indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and Indian Citation Index databases. The data for the study have been extracted from the website of National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) under publications. A total of 939 publications have been indexed in these databases and over all 1996 citations have been received for its publications. Among 939 publications, 203 papers have been highly cited by others. It is found from the results that more number of publications have indexed in Scopus (65.50%), it is followed by Web of Science(20.55%) and Indian Citation Index(13.95%).Generally, it is observed that old institutes have been produced a good number of publications than the institutes established in recent years. In Indian Citation Index (ICI), the publications of recently established institutes have been received a good number of citations even though the publications are found less compare to other Institutes. The study has also recommended to adopt a new parameter namely h-index to find out the h-index of the institutions, departments and also authors.

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