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Degradation and Preservation Practices of Information Resources in Academic Libraries Incross River State, Nigeria

This study was set to investigate degradation and preservation practices of information resources in academic libraries in Cross River State, Nigeria. It examined the nature and causes of degradation of information resources, strategies used in their control, and constraints limiting effective preservation. The study adopted survey design. The population for the study constitutes all information resources in the five academic libraries in the state. Purposive sampling technique was used in selecting 202 respondents who supplied the information used for the study. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection and the data was analyzed using population t – test. The result of the analysis showed that all the four null hypotheses were rejected. This means that the nature of information resources degradation in academic libraries in Cross River State is significantly high. The study also revealed that barriers to effective preservation of information resources in academic libraries in Cross River State are significantly high. Based on the findings the study recommended among others that academic libraries should recruit adequate and trained manpower in the libraries for effective preservation programmes and activities. Academic libraries should consider various methods that could be applied to curb degradation of information resources in their holding. And, adequate annual budget allocation should be provided for preservation programmes in academic libraries in the state.

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