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Dental Medical Students Approach towards Web Resources and Internet Use: A Survey of Dental Medical Colleges of Jammu

Internet is used for various reasons in the field of medicine and research, including teaching,
diagnosis and the conduct of medical examination. Students can have the opportunity to
undertake research and it helps them to go into the details of controversial topics by accessing
expertise of specialists all over the world. Effective communication is established using chat
rooms, video conferencing and interactive learning environment using animation and simulation
methods. The use of computers is increasing among medical students, therefore we carried out a
cross sectional study in two Dental medical colleges of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, with the
objective of assessing the pattern of computer and internet use among undergraduate (BDS)
medical students, faculty members and PG students . An attempt has been made to determine the
present status of awareness and use of computers and websites available on internet. It was
observed that use of computers and internet is still insufficient among the dental students of the
dental medical colleges of Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir.

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