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Development of Shodhganga Repository for Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Tamil Nadu: A Study

Theses and Dissertation are an important part of information resources in any University. In Tamil Nadu some universities are creating repositories for their theses and dissertations but work on a national level project has recently begun. Educational institutions should have their thought contents in a place where members can access them for their reference within the institutions. The same contents may also be made available to public domain with open access for the public use. The main thought contents in higher educational institutions are Theses which can be converted in to electronic format and put them in a common database. It is a grate opportunity to the library professionals to implement makes the initiatives to create the MoU from Shodhganga from Inflibnet for the purpose of submission of electronic theses and dissertations. This paper aimed to analysis some of the universities from Tamil are signed MoU to submit electronic copy of the theses. Out of 18 Universities from Tamil Nadu, 9 universities are from state government and nine universities are runs by self supported or privates

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