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Doctoral degree in Library and Information Science in the University of Burdwan during 1984-2015: An analytical study

The paper highlights the PhD theses awarded under The University of Burdwan in the Department of Library and Information Science (LIS) during the period 1984-2015. A total of 33 PhD theses have been awarded with in this period of 32 years. The objective of the paper is to analyse the PhD theses against some parameters (such as year-wise productivity of theses, gender-wise productivity, ranking of supervisors, language wise-distribution, number of references used, type of references, number of chapters and subject-wise distribution) in order to show the trends of LIS research. The bibliographic data required for the study was collected from the University theses section. It was found that, out 33 PhD theses, the maximum contribution was in the year 1992, 2012 and 2014. Though there was no PhD theses awarded during 1985-1987 and 1996-2002. It was also found that most of the research works were conducted in the areas like bibliometrics, knowledge management, library legislation, community information service (CIS).

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