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Familiarity and Use of Electronic Information Sources by B.Ed. College Students of govt. College of Education, Srinagar J&K. India

An attempt has been made to determine the present status of knowledge and use of electronic information resources. It was observed that use of electronic resources is still inadequate among the Bed (bacholar of education) students of the Govt. College of Education, Srinagar. This paper presents the findings of a survey to about the familiarity and use of digital and electronic resources by BEd students through CD-ROM databases, online databases, online journals and OPAC etc. available in the college of education library, Srinagar. The subjects chosen for this study were BEd students of Govt. College of education Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, India. For evaluating study questions and data collection, the questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 160 BEd students. The result of this survey are presented and discussed in this paper.

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