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French and US librarians’ Perception Regarding e-Book Reading Data Protection: A Comparative Survey

This paper tackles the e-book reading data protection issue from the library’s point of view. To identify the librarians’ awareness and perception about this topic, the results of a comparative quantitative survey, which has been conducted among the French and American information professionals, will be presented in detail. This study was designed to provide answers to four main assumptions: 1. Librarians are favourable to users’ data protection and unanimously opposed to reading data exploitation. 2. Librarians are, for the majority of them, unaware of the e-book reading data collection and exploitation practices. 3. They consider that users do not want third parties collecting and analysing their reading data. 4. Collection managers and digital librarians have a better awareness of the topic and are against the exploitation of e-book reading data. They promote data protection more than their colleagues. After bringing an answer to these hypotheses, this article will summarize the current librarians’ position regarding the e-book reading data protection topic. Finally, it will propose solutions to face the corresponding issues.

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