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Gender Equality: Analysis of scholarly publication pattern of last five years in Web of Science

Gender equity represents usually based on custom, tradition, religion or culture and social justice, which is regularly to the disservice to female. This article examines data which was downloaded from the Web of Science database. The Web of Science is one of the leading bibliographical database in the world. “Gender Equality” keyword used for retrieving the data. The keyword analyses for five-years, during 2013 to 2017 taken for the study 2212 records were retrieved by the authors for the present study. Each record contains year wise publication, Authorship pattern, Funding agencies and Document type etc. The collected data were analyzed through Histcite and calculated using excel sheet. VOS viewer is a software tool which was used for visualizing bibliometric network. The major findings are 1062 number of articles was published by single authors, 89.7% of the scientific research is published in articles, 1981 number of research articles are published in English language and 50.2% of the publications exposed that the word ‘Gender’.

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