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Grievances of Librarians of Government College Libraries: A case study of Western Odisha

The purpose of this study is to examine the Grievances of librarians of Govt. College Libraries .It explains and presents an analysis of 60 Government Librarian of Degree College Libraries in Western in the field of research have various Grievances. Government’s academic, special and Public libraries have always been playing a vital role in supporting the teaching, learning, research and several others Socio-cultural aspects. However, these institutions are now facing many problems. The present study significantly displays and elaborates the various aspects of the research papers from the ground of systematic outlook, such as Job satisfaction, UGC Scale of Salary, Promotion, Infrastructure of Libraries, Satisfaction with Govt. Policies, Think about Colleagues, Consider as the Staffs and Traditional Pattern of Librarianship, etc. The prediction of the authors gives a contribution to the area of LIS research by assisting the researchers, librarians and professionals as a whole.

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