ISSN: 2249 - 0213

     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Harvester of Open Access Resources: A Study based on CSIR Institutional Repositories hosted on CSIR Central

This paper analyses CSIR institutional repositories hosted on CSIR-Central. The data regarding the number of documents, full-text availability, open access provision, document types were noted from respective institutional repositories. The analysis shows that CSIR-CGRI repository archived the maximum number of papers followed by CECRI and NCL. The repositories of CEERI, IIIM, NEIST, NPL and CLRI provides full-text to all the documents archived in the respective repositories. The study also found that CSIR institutional repositories of CEERI, NEIST and CLRI were fully supported open access provision to the records. Engineering Sciences cluster exposes the maximum publications followed by Chemical Sciences. The CGCRI repository archived the maximum journal articles, IHBT repository contributed the highest number of book chapters, NCL with a maximum number of theses, and CECRI archived more number of patents.

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