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Health Information Needs and Sources Utilization by Undergraduates of University of Abuja, Nigeria

Health information needs of Youths have been undermined in many countries in Africa. It has been established that health habits developed during the youthful age affect the health status in later years. This study investigates the healthy information needs of Nigerian undergraduates in selected universities in Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted for this study. The population consisted of male and female undergraduates of varying characteristics. The population was stratified into male and female. Using random sampling of the undergraduates, a sample of 120 male and female students was selected. Questionnaire methodology was used in obtaining answers to the research questions. A total of 150 questionnaires was distributed however 120 were returned (a response rate of 80% was obtained). Descriptive statistics were used in analyzing the data. The findings revealed that the undergraduates are aware of their needs and they do seek out information in meeting this needs.(0.8% are indifferent to their health needs)Regarding the sources various sources are available for their use this include but not limited to Library Internet, health institution, Parents and peers, also the multimedia. These findings have implications in the area of increasing access to this sources and ensuring the reliability of the health information retrieved.

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