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Higher Education Demands: Institutional Modern Library as a Centre for School of Information Studies

In the library, the performance of its users to get the information is very important to meet the individual and organizational objectives. Several new products and services have been developed in the present day libraries with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
The College and University libraries in India have a significant role to play in higher education. Institutional libraries in India are striving to provide necessary and relevant information to their users. The College libraries particularly in our state West Bengal have a most significant role to play in higher education. Limited resources have been one main barrier to satisfying the growing informational needs of the users. Infrastructure and poor staffing is another most important barrier to satisfying the growing informational needs of the users of institutional libraries, mostly the college libraries also. Now, the Indian institutional libraries are planning various methods of resource sharing to help meet information demands. Attitudes of institutional libraries and institutional managements have undergone a change, to become more open to the benefits of resource sharing. A number of resource-sharing activities are involved National Information System in Science and Technology (NISSAT); National Information Centres (NIC); Library Consortia; Document Delivery Services; and Interlibrary Cooperation India presently appears to have a well organised, functioning system of academic libraries that attempt to supply the reading needs of all its student members or citizens. The college library to help its student users to get right and sufficient information about career development. The issue of library and information consciousness in the nation is relevant here. One could receive the impression that a commitment to the value of reading, information, and libraries is not high among professionals and sponsoring agencies. Some in the library establishment are convinced that the government is interested in libraries and literacy on only a marginal level.

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