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Impact of Digital Libraries on Information Dissemination

The 21st century has made lot of changes in every organization in terms of technology use including information dissemination sector. The library needed to change the pattern of services to its users in terms of providing learning resources. Today’s generations are more inclined towards technology and they love to use the E-resources instead of printed materials. Many of the libraries have the problems in terms of visitors to lend the print resources due to limited numbers. This has made a dynamic shift in the mode of services provided in the library. The librarian and information professional needed a change to adjust this environment, they rightly so implemented automation in library keeping traditional and new generation digital library go together. This served the various sections of communities who use resource either in print and E-format. This shift made the librarian as resource provider to librarian teacher who also collaborates with teaching faculties to make effective use of resources both in teaching sessions and out of class hours. The electronic resources also made students to understand the subject much better way using audio video materials, Photographs, e research articles and interactive learning materials. To handle the digital library, the library professional needed various competencies such as knowledge of handling, skills to disseminate the information.

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