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Influence of Social Media on Library Service Delivery to Students in University Of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria

This article is on influence of social media on library service delivery to students in University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria. Librarians, in this digital age, are responsible for a wide variety of resources and services that expand far beyond the typical eight-hour work day. Promotion in library and information science has a newer meaning. It finds deep roots in social media. It is a set of techniques which is aimed at reinforcing the basic values of the library in a changing environment at the same time meeting the needs of the library clientele. Essentially, promotion is the means of informing users on what you do and what you can do. The benefits for those who promote their library services and resources include: increased usage, increased value in the organization, education of users and changed perceptions the study was carried out within a period of five months (September 2018 to February 2019) when the university was in session. Survey research design was used for the study. A ‘purposive sampling technique’ was used to select the registered students with the library. The population of this study was made up of 846 students from 200 level to 400 level student. Some findings showed that Facebook is the most social media/networking tools students using to communicate with their friends and follow by Twitter and YouTube. Majority (86 %) respondents agreed that social media provide quick feedback from library, library tours and promotes services; cost low while 14 % respondents disagreed. Also, 76 % of the respondents agreed that Social media has the potential to communicate and send out information to the library users while 24 % of the respondents are of a contrary view.

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