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Information and Communication Technology and Cataloguers Information Needs and Seking Behaviour in University Libraries in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria

This study investigated Information and communication technology and cataloguers’ information needs and seeking behaviour in university libraries in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive survey method and questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The population of this study consisted of fifty-two (52) cataloguers in all the university libraries in Edo and Delta States. The population of this study is relatively small and as such the entire population was used as representative sample using purposeful sampling techniques. The researchers visited the sample institutions to administer the questionnaire. It was revealed from the study. The study revealed that Library of congress website, and are the ICT tools use by cataloguers for seeking information. The study also indicates that cataloguers used information and communication technology to make work done easily and faster, access to current information, professional development, increase work output, Improve my skills in the use of OPAC and improve my knowledge and skills in databases. The study recommended that there should be adequate information and communication technology (ICT) facilities should be put in place by the library managements to enable cataloguers make use of library of congress website, and as this will enhance the performance of cataloguers in rendering efficient and effective services.

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