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Information Cooperation and User Service among Technical Institute Libraries, Reference to Ghaziabad Region

The development of libraries and information services in India is examined. There are some major issues which are related to library cooperation such as financial resources, adequacy of library col-lection, collection development practices, uniform standards of the technical processing of the library materials and experienced professional manpower. The analysis of these issues brought out factors which should motivate technical institute libraries to engage in a library cooperation and resource sharing Network. The various professional meetings which have been organized at a regional level emphasized the importance of establishing effective cooperative link among technical institute librar-ies in Ghaziabad region, but little implementation of these proposals have resulted so far. The aim of the research is to examine the current situation of technical institute libraries in India and identifying the problems and difficulties being faced by them and suggest means and ways by which an affective library cooperation and users services may solve these problems. This research made some practical recommendation emphasizing the need for a central agency responsible for library cooperation pro-grammes and proposing

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