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Security of Information in Govt. colleges of M.P: a survey of Indore City

The world of computers and information technology has grown at break –neck speed in recent years. In today’s world of globalization, information technology has made it possible to interconnect the entire world physical distance between places have ceased to make any major impact on communication. Web services, such as e-mail, allow instant communication between people located at faraway places. The internet has further strengthened this feeling of a single community across the world. Computerization has made it possible to complete business operations and transaction much faster than anybody could have imagined a few decades ago. E-commerce is the buzzword in today’s business community. Virtual online markets have become are a reality and vast volumes of information traverse across public and private networks. This study explores Information security issues and the measures adopted for security by the Government colleges libraries. The govt. spends a lot of amount to increase the ICT facilities in libraries. This article covers various aspect s for securing information in libraries. No. of OPAC terminals in govt. libraries, use of software packages, internet facility in libraries, LIS professional’s preference toward manual security vs. electronic security   are some points discussed in this article.

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