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Information Literacy Search Skills of Students in Five Selected Engineering Colleges in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh: A Perspective

The study investigated the knowledge of information literacy and search skills of students in five selected Engineering Colleges in chittoor district, Andhra pradesh. It also examined students’
ability to distinguish diverse information sources as well as assess the effectiveness of information literacy programmes of engineering colleges. The sample consists of 275 respondents drawn proportionately from a population of 300 from the selected Engineering colleges. Descriptive survey method was used to elicit data through Questionnaire on Information Literacy in this study. The data collected were analyzed using simple percentages. It was found that preponderance of respondents have low knowledge of information literacy skills, showed high deficiency in identifying diverse information sources and the various information literacy programmes of the respondents’ institutions lacked hands-on.. Thus, the need for an enhanced and continuous library user education geared towards empowering students to be sufficiently familiar with information sources, mutual collaboration between teachers and librarians to ensure integrated mode of lecture delivery, constant advocacy and sensitization outreaches.

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