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Information Need and Information Seeking Behavior of Information Science Students in Haramaya University, Ethiopia

Information need and information seeking behavior study is important to find out the sources and services used by the information seekers. The objective of this research was to examine the information need and information seeking behavior of Information Science students in Haramaya University. The study shows that more than half of the students visit the library every day. Students mainly use reference services from the library and for which they depend on reference sources. Main purpose of visiting library was for writing assignments/research and study. The students make use of the library resources like books and journals, internet etc to meet their information needs. Majority of students feel that there is a need for training for the efficient access and use of library materials. Information Science students also mentioned that the number of books and journals available in their field of study are not sufficient. According to the students the Haramaya university library should acquire more resources as well as the library should provide sufficient space for students to refer and study within the library. Based on the findings suggestions are provided. The Haramaya University library should organize the information sources and there is a need for completel automation of the library and also digitalization of information resources.

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