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Information Seeking Behavior of Regular Ph.D.Scholars in Gandhigram Rural University

Although literature on information seeking behavior is abundant, there is a paucity of research on the information needs of users in rural universities. No attention has been given to the Rural University Ph.D Scholars and also no study has investigated particularly in Information seeking behaviour of Ph.D scholars in Rural Universities. This research aimed to the findings of the information seeking behavior of the Ph.D scholars of rural university particularly in Gandhigram Rural University, Tamil Nadu, India. The majority respondents show their main purpose of seeking information in research only. The study of information seeking-behaviour of users within the population would help librarians to identify and understand linkage roles of users and how their informal contacts compliment and supplement the formal sources of information. The study seeks to find out the position of different information sources in their information seeking activities and to recognize the role that digital information services and sources play in their information seeking activities. This study concludes by providing some recommendations on how the rural university academics can be encouraged to make use of available library resources to their benefit with emphasis on the research scholars and also the results emphasize that the information seeking of the Ph.D scholars must be carefully investigated when planning rural university libraries.

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