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Integration of PDF Flip Book Reader in Koha OPAC for Easy Access and Dissemination of Fulltext Library Resources among the Users

Book is an important and inevitable document for any library. Without book library cannot exist in the society. Library is a collection of resources of different types of documents like books, films, maps, periodicals, newspapers, e-books, audio books, databases, manuscripts and other resources. Actually these are the bibliographic information in integrated library management and retrieval system. Flip PDF book reader is the interesting tool to read book in matured level environment. This paper has only selected the Flip PDF book reader for the users. Apart from it has also selected one popular open source library management software such as Koha. The main objective of this paper is to integrate the flip pdf book reader with Koha OPAC for the better management and retrieval of full text resources among the users. It is possible to read the pdf file as manual text documents and also execute the page from first to next page and vice-versa. Obviously this is the new concept in library management system for the users and most of the users have been benefitted by using this system.      

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