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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Internet Access and Use among Face to Face Program Students of Indira Gandhi National Open University: A Survey

The study surveyed the access and use of internet among face-to-face programs students at Indira Gandhi National Open University. To collect the data 150s structured questionnaire was prepared, distributed randomly among students. 120(80%) students responded, 71(59.17%) Males and 49(40.83) was Females respectively. The findings reveal that 20 (16.16%) M.Sc Chemistry and 15 (12.50%) of M.Sc Life Science respondents mainly used Internet Facility. While the majority of students learn the internet through written guidance, other respondents faced trouble due to lack of awareness. Respondents show the positive attitude towards the internet is a useful medium other than a conventional document. Finally, suggestions put forth to be implemented to improve the Internet.

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