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Internet Usage among Students of C. K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management Library, Vadodara: a Study

The purpose of present study is to examine the MBA students of CKSVIM Library use the internet services for their learning, study and research activities. Use of internet is increasing day by day as it is time saving, more informative and less expensive. The present study demonstrates and elaborates the various aspects use of internet; method of learning internet use, frequency of using internet, weekly time spent on internet, place of internet use, purposes for internet use, ways to browsing resources from internet, preference of using search engines, language prefer in internet, problem faced in search internet, advantages of internet resources v/s traditional resources and user satisfaction with internet.
The survey research method was adopted for the study and questionnaire method of data collection was employed. A total 171 questionnaires were distributed to students of CKSVIM library and 141 filled questionnaires were received. The overall response rate was 82.45%. The study findings reveal that (141) 100% respondents are using the Internet. 85.82% of respondents use the internet every day, 92.90% of the respondents use internet for social networking purpose and 85.81% of the respondents use internet for their study purpose. 90.07% respondents favorite search engine is Google search engine. 93.61% percent respondents get information from internet in English language. ‘Time saving’ and ‘Easy to use’ is two main advantages to use internet as compared with traditional resources. 65.95% students are fully satisfied with the internet or Wi-Fi facility available in the library or institute or campus.

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