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IRJLIS Review process   arrow

The peer review process of IRJLIS comprises the following steps:

1. Author submits their manuscript to IRJLIS via email only.

2. In the first instance the Editor checks, if the preliminary requirements are met such as context and scope of the paper, novelty of the topic, formatting, references etc.

3. In the next step we forward the manuscript to the subject experts along with the feedback form. The IRJLIS editorial board has got a renowned Scholars and emeritus professors in its National & International Editorial board from India as well as from other countries such as UK, United States, Malaysia, and Singapore. Moreover, the core team of the IRJLIS has many professional and personal contacts who help us a lot in the review process of the manuscripts.

4. Once we receive the comments of the Reviewer in the prescribed manuscript proforma, we forward the same to the concerned corresponding author to revise the manuscript accordingly or to argue against the reviewer’s comment and justify his / her points.

5. Once, we receive the revised manuscript from the author, we compare it with the reviewer’s comments and explore how far author has included the reviewer’s comments and suggestion in the revised manuscript, or how logically author is able to defend his manuscript viz-a-viz  the reviewer’s comment. If the editor convince with the author’s viewpoint, he again send the manuscript to another reviewer, and finally we accept / reject the manuscript.

6. In this entire process, we keep the identity of author’s and reviewer’s secret from one another.

We are continuously making efforts towards improving our review process, so that to contribute valuable and scholarly literature to the Library and Information Science discipline.