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Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM): A Bibliometric Study

The paper focused on the bibliometric study on the articles published in the Journal of Information Technology Management for the period from 2012 to 2019. During this period, there were 123 articles published by the researchers from various parts of the world. In this paper, various aspects related to the bibliometric analysis were analyzed such as year-wise distribution of articles, degree of collaboration amid authors, authorship pattern, issue-wise distribution of articles, length of the articles, institution affiliation of authors, geographical distribution of articles, and range of reference of articles. During that period, the journal was published nearly 8 volumes with 31 issues having 123 articles. It also found that the journal was published more number of articles in year 2013 and 2014 with 20 articles (16.3%). It was revealed that the highest contributions were published by three authors with 41 articles (33.33%). It was also identified that the overall degree of collaboration average for the period of study was 0.77. The study demonstrates that the maximum numbers of articles published during the study were having the length of 11 – 20 pages with 88 articles (71.54%). The maximum number of 42 articles with 34.15% was published with the range of references of 50 and above. It was exposed from the analysis that the greater part of the articles published by the authors affiliated to universities with 104 articles (84.55%).

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