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Library and Information Science Education in India: Perspectives and Challenges

The paper assesses the status of formal library and information science (LIS) education provided in India. It is based on a study carried out to bring out the perspective and the challenges in LIS education by analyzing the LIS courses, its structure and contents, availability of faculty, research contribution, infrastructural facilities, etc. A total of 33 universities, representing each region of India, were selected as sample. Content analysis method was applied to analyse the contents of the websites under eight categories.
Findings reveal that a diversified level of LIS courses is observed to suit the demand and employability of students at various job levels. LIS courses are updated and designed to meet the objectives of an advanced LIS curriculum. Lack of adequate faculty is found to be a major setback in imparting quality LIS education.
The paper recommends establishment of a national accreditation council for LIS education to uphold quality and standard in LIS courses. More of technology oriented practical components as well as scope to develop soft skill and professional ethics should figure in the syllabus.
The paper has originality as it contributes to the knowledge regarding current state of LIS education in India. It attempts to draw attention of the financing and regulatory authorities of higher education to focus on developing needed faculties and facilities urgently.

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