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Library Use Pattern among the Undergraduates of a Nigerian University of Agriculture

This research focused on revealing what needs determine the patronage of an academic library in a federal university of agriculture in Nigeria. Also of interest was the purpose of usage, frequency, collections used and type of usage. The study was conducted during the second semester of 2010/2011 academic session. Survey method was employed with a 22-item questionnaire designed to collect data from the respondents.  Two hundred and seventy-six (276) copies of questionnaire found usable from the 285 copies of questionnaire returned out of 300 copies distributed formed the base of this study. The data were analyzed using simple percentage and presented on charts. Some of the findings of the study revealed that majority of the students use library for multiple purposes ranging from reading personal materials to consultation of library materials to execute given assignments. Also discovered was that most students use library on weekly basis while textbooks constitute the library collections mostly used. It was also discovered that even when the respondents agreed that the library collections are adequate, majority of them only come to the library during examinations. To correct this trend, the researchers proffered some recommendations.

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