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Library User Visit of under Graduate Students at an Engineering College, Central Library, Affiliated by APJ Abdul Kalam University, Lucknow A case Study

A library user study may be defined as any study relating to library use, in any or all of its aspects. According to weskit, user study could be concerned with studying information processing activities of users. In the light of above definition, a study which is focused on users to understand directly or indirectly their information needs, use behavior and use pattern is usually called user study. This paper aims to focus the library visit of under graduate & Post graduate students of an engineering college central library at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology, Barabanki. In any information system, user is an important component. It is widely recognized that service quality and consumer satisfaction are essential for retaining current consumers and attracting new ones. In library service, access to relevant information is highly essential and right information to the right user can pave way to new directions to research and development. Although every teacher and research scholar now have ready access to online resources, the role of the traditional documents is still important. This paper aims to achieve this objective the librarians, information officers and documentation officers should understand the library user, how they interact with system and their pertinent requirements.

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