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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Open Access Institutional Repository in the University of Jos: Issues and Challenges

The focus of this study is the use of Open Access Institutional Repository (OAIR) by academic staff of the University of Jos, issues and challenges. This is of interest as OAIR is in consonant with advances in information storage, retrieval and effective service provision in academic institutions. The study is guided by four objectives and four research questions. In order to meet its objectives, questionnaire was designed and administered on a sample of 256 to collect data, out of which 192, representing 75%, were found useful. Analysis revealed that the level of familiarity of staff with the concept of OAIR is still low. It was also revealed that the sensitization had little impact on staff self-archiving as many staff had not uploaded their articles onto the OAIR. The visibility of University is likely to be enhanced with the establishment of OAIR. The major issues and challenges in the use of OAIR are the non recognition of research articles uploaded on OAIR for promotion and the copyright law. Researcher recommended among others, that, more seminar should be organised to educate staff more on the concept of OAIR and the benefits for both authors and the institution, mediating self-archiving method can be adopted pending the time staff are familiar with the use of OAIR  and can confidently do self-archiving, the University of Jos should make a policy recognising research articles staff upload on OAIR for promotion exercise as well as educating staff to publish articles in journals where they could have right to make same available on OAIR, that is, where alternative publishing agreement between the author and publisher is possible.

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