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Parablility or Veracity of Paperless Society and the stand of Libraries

The pleas ‘think before you print’; ‘please consider the environment before printing this email’; ‘go paperless or feel like a guilty hypocrite who kills trees’; ‘save paper save trees’; ‘go green go paperless’, and the like, are the buzzing and oriented facets of environmental sustainability of the contemporary times in the arena of paper consumption. The papers are indispensable media of communication of information, but an assortment of constructs which are associated with it, are posing certain concerns to citizens in general and the environmentalists in particular. There is a large volume of deforestation caused by the usage and printing of documents. By tracking in a different line, we have a downpour of information screened by the digital world and the online portfolios of the vast arrays of linked and hyperlinked environment. From such state of affairs, it becomes viable to use less (almost meagre) quantity of papers and budge using digital resources and presumptions are also on rise to think of a society without papers. The study discusses the phenomenal changes in the usage of papers and the concept of paperless society or green society as envisioned by F. W. Lancaster under the influence and backdrop of digitization and the electronic milieu. It also portraits the role and services of Libraries and Information Centers in
this direction of using lesser quantity of papers and the paradigm shifts of their services into the online systems. Nowadays, a sizeable portion of the library budget is allocated to the electronic/digital resources and the paper calls for the information literacy skills on part of users to adapt and become conversant with the behaviour of this unavoidable influence and impact of electronic environs which has not only overwhelmed all our educational services and programmes but also the entire fields of day to day life affairs.

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