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Perception and use of Social Networking Site Facebook among the Students of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla: An Exploratory Study

The foremost focus of this paper is to examine the impact and use of social networking site (SNS) Facebook among the students of Himachal Pradesh University (HPU). Facebook is a popular SNS where the young people are engage with each other. The present study gives an overview of use of Facebook, how they spent their time on Facebook by student of HPU, and what kinds of problem they face during the use of Facebook. A structured questionnaire has prepared and distributed to the students randomly. And finally received 179(89.50%) responses out of 200 distributed questionnaires. The major finding is that, 134 of the respondents said that use of Facebook is not a waste of time. Low internet speed is major issue to access the Facebook account with 123(68.70%) and Mobile is the poplar medium throgh which they acces Facebook with171(95.50%) .

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