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Plagiarism as an instrument to certify quality research output: Perception and Attitudes among Research Scholars

The purpose of this study is to examine the research scholars’ perception and attitude towards plagiarism. The research methodology of this study is survey method was conducted using a well-structured questionnaire. The findings of the study shows that 40 (66.66%) respondents are aware of the plagiarism during course work, 35(58.34%) of respondents were aware of their institution’s policies on plagiarism, 48(80.00%) of respondents are agreed on the opinion that paraphrasing the ideas of others without documentation. 37(61.66%) of respondents are facing the problems of lack of language skills, 18(30.00%) respondents are facing the problem of lack of writing skills, The study recommended that The Universities and libraries can organize various orientation programmes, workshops,ect ,for research scholars as well as for other graduate and post graduate students in order to increase their plagiarism awareness.

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